we are curvy, tall, skinny, short, imperfect, beautiful women

We are just like you. We struggle with feeling great in our bodies. We wrestle with our own insecurities. We feel uncomfortable with our vulnerabilities.

But then we begin to move. Sometimes we run. Sometimes we bike. Sometimes we dance to Beyonce in our living rooms.

Among the sounds of traffic and birds and a woman's powerful voice, we are reminded that movement—that exercise—is not a means to looking like a celebrity in a glossy magazine. It's a means to feeling strong, capable and fearless. It's a means to owning our bodies in it's beautifully imperfect form.


our mission is to help women use fitness to overcome their body image insecurities. we create HEALTH and WELLNESS EVENTS, CONTENT, and RETAIl that allow women to uncover their best selves.

We Dare to Bare because facing our fears awakens the connection between one's physical, spiritual and emotional health while empowering you to unlock your limitless potential.


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Jessi Greenlee Director of Operations

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