We Dare to Bare is the largest body-positive fitness event series in the country 



We host large-scale health and wellness events annually to unite hundreds of thousands of women and men together to celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes through sweat and community. The intention behind We Dare to Bare is to face our insecurities and step outside of our comfort zone in order to achieve the next level of self-empowerment and inner-confidence.

The journey starts with a sports bra. We shed our shirts and rock our Sweaty Betty We Dare to Bare sports bras as symbol of self-acceptance for all bodies, including our own.

We offer two festival experiences in SF & NYC and in-studio grassroots events nationally. We believe in empowering ourselves while also elevating others. In order to participate in a festival, our We Dare to Bare tribe champions our message by raising funds through peer-to-peer fundraising. All proceeds raised fund Movemeant Foundation's national body-positive Movemeant-based curriculum for low-income, at-risk middle school girls, as well as a global Movemeant athletic scholarship program called #sheplayswewin

Join our tribe. Challenge your insecurities. Bare your vulnerabilities. Find that you already have exactly what it takes to conquer them.

“Scariest thing I’ve ever done! Out there in a sports bra to support a cause I really believe in. Worth every moment of fear and apprehension. We’re all good enough just as we are. Thanks Dare To Bare for reminding me of that.
— Lisa R.
There is nothing like a group of girls, going out of their comfort zones, being proud of their body and exercising together. Thousands of people witnessed Dare To Bare, and shared in the power of body positivity all within a supportive, judgment free zone.
— Shannon R.