3 Ways to Keep Your Workouts Body Positive

Body-positive fitness is about pleasure, not punishment. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind next time you head out for a little exercise.

1. You do you.

We've all been there, comparing ourselves to the person on the elliptical trainer next to us. How can she possibly be at a level 18 when you're puffing at level 2?  But focusing on someone else's workout and not your own means you're not paying attention to the person that means the most: you. So respect your body's limits, and set your own pace.  Challenge your body when you can, and back off when needed. Listen to your body and follow the workout that feels best for you.

2. It's an emotional transformation. Not just a physical one.

We're flexing a new muscle over here. And it's more than just our biceps. But we're pushing our boundaries by finally realizing that we should be focusing on how we feel, not how we look. So we're adopting a mindfulness approach that allows us to be less concerned with our appearance and more in tune with internally-motivated reasons like boosting our mood and heart health. Here's a couple mindfulness apps that we're loving that you just might love to: Headspace and Insight Timer.

3. It's not about earning that pizza.

When you work out to earn food points, you're making your workouts about calories in and calories out. Food should not be tangled up with any of your equations when it comes to exercise. So drop the "how many minutes on the treadmill will I need to burn off this burger?" and embrace the idea that food is not earned. It's simply just eaten. From there, you'll find the foods that best suit your body and your body's individual needs to feel great when you're running, sleeping or cozying up on the couch watching Netflix.