To Raise Brave Girls, Start with Adventure

Caroline Paul is a woman you probably don't know. But you need to. A Stanford grad with her sights set on an illustrious career in marketing and communications she said nah. And decided to go fight some fires in the San Francisco Fire Department.

After well over a decade of service to fighting fires, she became a writer. And adventurer. A world traveler. And after a number of successful bestsellers, she authored The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure. Published in 2016, Gutsy Girl is a rally cry for girl power. Part memoir, part how-to-outdoors guide, this book offers life lessons through adventure stories. 

While we're over here diving into the book, we're getting the Cliffs notes from her spectacular Ted Talks. It's a special reminder of what it means to live like a girl - with abandon and fearlessness.