Real Women Talk About What It Means to Wear Just the Sports bra

Here's a couple truths: The media has photoshopped women into what's become today's standard of beauty.  Six pack abs. Lean frames with just the right amount of curves. Flawless skin. And that standard, however unrealistic it may be, as made it's way into our homes, schools, cars and bedrooms thanks to one tiny, handheld, digital device.

But there's been a backlash. From three years worth of We Dare to Bare events with thousands of women rocking their bodies as they are to celebrities putting an end to body-shaming, here's some real talk from some real women whom have overcome their fears about their bodies. And maybe one day you might just find yourself saying the same thing too.

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I walked around in my sports bra pretty much and I felt like a little kid again, not giving a damn about an aesthetic or my stubborn belly flab. I took pictures, laughed, watched other people laugh and watched other people eat. Life was so simple. I saw belly rolls and cellulite and I still saw beauty and smiles (and I saw this all in the mirror, too). I saw strength beyond words. More than anything, I am fired up about my future. About what my body can achieve. About what my mind can do. And about the beauty and glory that can come when they work together. Now I’m going to eat some froyo because you only freakin live once 👁👊🏻🌿
— @happytobemeg
This is my way to make the world a better place. By encouraging self-love and acceptance of who we truly are. Yes, we worked out in just our sports bras to show that it doesn’t need to be about perfection. But we also showed ourselves that our imperfections and our scars should not impede our progress, but encourage us to say to ourselves, ‘you are enough.’”
— @ella1107
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It’s not always easy to find sources of positivity and acceptance; more often we may stumble onto photoshopped images, messages of not being good enough, and flashy headlines about why and how to lose weight. But being healthy is not about punishing yourself until you’re a size 2, it’s about respecting where you’re at, loving who you are, and discovering what you are capable of. Every woman that showed up today is incredible for facing whatever might have held them back and instead choosing to be there for themselves and for everyone else.
— @andrea_bari_levine