Om Your Way to Feeling Fearless With These 3 Inspiring Yogis

Yoga is a practice that not only helps you to feel good in your body, it's a practice that can also help you feel good about your body. So whether you hit the mat once a week or once a day, we've uncovered a few inspiring yogis with all sorts of body types who are acing their asanas.

1. Yulady Saluti - @yulady

Don't be fooled by her seemingly typical IG fitspiration. Yulady is a self-described Colombiana wife, mother of six, survivor of breast cancer, and has lived (and practiced yoga!) with a colostomy bag for nearly five years after an ileostomy procedure. She's refreshingly honest and raw. 

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2. Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

A fan favorite over in our offices, Jessamyn is motivation at its finest. With over 325K followers on Instagram and an awe-inspiring new book called Every Body Yoga, Jessamyn is a powerful and consistent voice of body-positivity in the yoga space.

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3. Masumi Goldman (@masumi_g)

Masumi went from a high-powered Wall Street life to a higher-powered practice on that mat after debilitating effects of Lyme disease painfully targeted her tendons and joints. Despite losing mobility in several parts of her body because of the inflammation, she battles day by day with the illness through yoga and wellness.