Your Body Is A Magnificent Vessel: Meet GetFit615's Kate Moore!

As we count down the days until WDTB Nashviille is here, we’re excited to introduce you to some of the rockstar fitness instructors who will be a huge part of making the event special! Meet Kate Moore, owner of GetFit615! Kate is not only an incredible fitness instructor, but an advocate for body positivity and women’s empowerment! Kate’s belief that our bodies are a magnificent vessel for who we actually are, and her dedication to the practice of self-work and continuing growth in order show up more presence in this world, are just a few of the reasons that her partnership with Movemeant is so perfect! Be sure to sign up to sweat it out with Kate at We Dare To Bare in Nashville on November 4th, and follow along with her and GetFit615 on Instagram! @GetFit615


Movemeant: What is the most important life lessons that fitness has taught you?

Kate Moore: Fitness has taught me that fitness isn’t about what I used to think it was about - fitness is about being in my body and participating with my body. From there, I get to move forward in life - I get to participate in real life, and figure out what I really care about instead of my body image consuming me. Fitness is about breathing, learning new things, paying attention, playing, compassion, listening, stillness, and action. Moving is just part of my day, most days… and on the days that it’s not, that’s okay and important.

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M: How do you build and maintain your confidence?

KM: I’m not always confident… sometimes I’m nervous or shy or uncomfortable or have no freaking clue what I’m doing. And when those feelings come up, I acknowledge them. “I get that you’re nervous and that’s okay.” And, if I choose to, I move forward. Not without that fear of not-enoughness, but with it. Generally, I’m really grateful that I didn’t let my fear get in the way of me living my life or doing something that’s important.

I think something that’s important to know about “confident” people is that they’re afraid of stuff too - they’re just choosing courage instead of the fear. And also, it’s okay to choose fear sometimes… next time, if you want, you can choose courage. It’s like working out - you’ve got to begin flexing the courage muscle and then intentionally keep using it over and over so that the fear muscle won’t take over.

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M: How has the fitness community impacted your life?

KM: Wow yes. The fitness community is so broad - I’ve learned a lot of what to do and a lot of what not to do from the fitness community. The fitness community has a lot of power to do harm - if we continue to keep talking about body image the way we do, in a way that leads people to believe they need to change, we’ll keep being part of the problem. That being said, the fitness community has so much power and opportunity to do good. I find that as individuals, most of us believe that movement is important and necessary and that movement, wellness, and fitness doesn’t just apply to the physical body. We’re generally the type of people who love helping people feel good and that’s a good kind of person. I strive to be an individual in the fitness community who continues to do the work on myself so that I can share that with my students. I won’t always get it right, and that’s the nature of life right? Having the courage to fail over and over and over and meeting that with compassion and growth every time. The fitness community taught me that.

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M: If you could talk to your (middle school aged self) 10-13, what would you say?

KM: I would hug her. Like, for a while. And I’d listen to her. I’d listen to how she talks about crushes, or her body, or other girls at school. I’d ask her what she believes when she sees pictures in magazines. I’d share my story with her. I’d show her what it’s like to be a woman in her own body - I’d be an example for her to eat what she needs and what she wants without making a choice based on the calorie content. I’d show her what it’s like to play on the beach in a bathing suit. I’d show her what it looks like to get dressed without sucking in when I look in the mirror. I’d listen to her tell me what’s important to her and then I’d help her get involved in those things. I’d never comment on her weight or my own. 

Obsessed with Kate as much as we are? Don’t miss your chance to see Kate teaching her HIITFIT615 class at We Dare to Bare’s Nashville Pop-Up on November 4th!

What To Expect at We Dare to Bare NYC 2018!

The big day is almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited as we gear up for Dare to Bare NYC 2018! We know you’re as pumped as we are to unite with your fellow empowered females (hello, #bodpos party!), and as we draw closer, we want to share with you what you can expect to make the most out of your day!

There’ll be no shortage of activity at this year’s festival, with ample ways to workout, sweet and savory snackage, some serious self care, a little retail therapy and ALL the photo opps. To ensure you don’t miss out on anything day-of, here’s a quick list of all of the incredible vendors to check off your list as you explore Dare to Bare!



USED YesTo-3714 copy.jpg

Yes To

Get ready for your closeup at the Yes To beauty bar! Cleanse your sweaty skin and enhance that natural beauty with samples of Yes To products! Then, channel your inner Tyra and walk the red carpet leading to a photobooth, where you’ll be able to document your YesTo self-love pledge with a picture!

Fit Club Logo.png


After a day filled with some of NYC’s toughest workouts, you are bound to be FEELIN’ it. Love up on that bod with some self care in the form of a sports massage from Fit Club! Dedicated to helping clients live an active lifestyle by building strength and feeling less pain, Fit Club will provide on site sports massage and recovery to help you work out all the kinks.



MB Square.png

Your favorite class-booking app will be around to keep the fun flowing all day long. Enjoy a quick primp-session at MINDBODY’s GLAMSQUAD braid bar (the perfect fix for sweaty hair), or embrace your inner child when you bounce around with the team from TRAMPOLEAN. Plus, keep your eyes open for raffles and giveaways from MINDBODY each hour!



Sweat Betty

Sweaty Betty.jpg

For the third year running, SWEATY BETTY is our official apparel partner for We Dare to Bare, and they'll be providing the amazing sports bras you’ll be wearing on the day. Founded 20 years ago in Notting Hill by Tamara Hill-Norton,Sweaty Betty is on a mission to empower women through fitness and beyond.

Because we know you'll love the sports bra you’ll be wearing at We Dare to Bare, Sweaty Betty is onsite with an exclusive pop-up for all of your retail therapy needs. And be sure to swing by their photobooth for a sweaty selfie - 1 lucky attendee will find a Golden Ticket on the back of their photo, redeemable for an EPIC Sweaty Betty + Movemeant swag bag!




Chameleon Cold Brew

What’s a day in a New Yorker’s life without coffee? We know your endorphins will already be sky-high but organic Chameleon Cold-Brew will be there to serve as a perfect pick-me-up. Plus, for every photo posted with the hashtag #ChameleonBrewsCompassion, Chameleon will donate $1 to their current sustainability projects all around the world.


SPLENDA® Naturals

Splenda Naturals Yogurt.jpg

This year, we’ve teamed up with SPLENDA® Naturals to empower women to take simple steps toward becoming their best selves. So, when it comes to pre- and post-workout fuel, SPLENDA® Naturals Stevia Sweetener has you covered, naturally. Keep your energy levels high with the complimentary SPLENDA® Naturals yogurt bar, where you can choose from an assortment of delicious toppings, like artisan granola, fruit compote, peanut butter drizzle, and more. And don’t forget to leave your mark on the “Super Natural” Intention Wall, where you can share why you are super natural and read inspiring messages from others!

foodkick logo sq.png


Did someone say snacks? Thanks to FoodKick, you’ll have no shortage of snack options all day long, along with plenty of hydration stations for you to fill your water bottle throughout the event!


Love Crunch

Love Crunch celebrates all those who #diveheartfirst into their passions to make themselves and the world a better place. Recharge post-workout with a delicious smoothie bowl topped with decadent Love Crunch granola.  

LC-RedBerry-Acai Bowl-Article image-01.png


LUNA creates food for women that give her the energy to get sh*t done – whether that’s dominating her to-do list, climbing the corporate ladder, or weekending with her girlfriends. We design foods to power her through her busy day with a balance of the nutrition important to her, the great taste she craves and quality ingredients she can feel good about. As the first nutrition bar for women, LUNA has been championing and empowering us since the beginning.


We can’t wait to see you there!


Your Movemeant Team

"My body may not be “Instagram perfect”, but it’s strong, and it’s mine, and I’m proud of it." - A story by Liz Colhoun

"My body may not be “Instagram perfect”, but it’s strong, and it’s mine, and I’m proud of it." - A story by Liz Colhoun

Liz Colhoun has always been a "fierce and strong" woman but that doesn't mean she hasn't struggled with self-acceptance. After having two children, she found her self in a totally new mindset and new body. Read her story and learn all about her journey through body positivity and how she has taken on We Dare to Bare as a personal challenge.